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High School :iconcolette123:Colette123 2 48
Love Me
You have the most dazzling pair of eyes. I really love them, honestly I do. I love every part of you. I knew I was in love from the first day I saw you move into the neighbourhood. You were perfect in every way. Well mannered and kind, too, from when we spoke. I know we weren't exactly close. I know that you're scared of me now. But I'm sure we can work it out, right? I'm sure we can find even ground.
I get that it probably still hurts. But they're safe with me now, kept in a little glass case. I can look at them whenever I want. Without them you can't see, right? You need me now, don't you get it? You have to be with me. I'll take good care of you, don't you worry. You don't need your eyes in your head to be happy. You'll grow to love me as I love you.
I'm telling you, you'll be safe with me.
:iconcolette123:Colette123 1 0
Bunny's Odd Day
It was a normal day. Or at least normal by Bunny's definition. As of maybe a year or two ago “normal” seemed to change into something unrecognizable. No, nobody died. There was no tragic accident. Nobody moved away. Nothing like that. But it would be hard to explain what did happen. So let's go back a bit to the start of it all.
“Tiger! Starfish! Come here!” Bunny called. The sun was setting lower into the sky. Neither cat showed. They'd been missing for awhile now, having darted out the front door and not coming back. About two days had passed with no sign of either cat. It was worrying. What if they had been run over or taken? It was a horrible thought. Surely the world wouldn't be cruel enough to kill two innocent pets.
Just as Bunny was about to give up, an orange striped feline wriggled out from between two trees. It sat there for a moment, head cocked to the side before darting back into the trees. Bunny recognized it as Tiger, of course. So she wasted no
:iconcolette123:Colette123 1 7
You Watch From A Distance
You watched from the trees, leaning against the trunk of one. Your arms were crossed and you could feel anger boiling inside you. How dare they? How DARE they? Thinking they could steal from you, of all people! Sure, you were no celebrity, but did you not deserve basic human decency? What a mess it had made. Now you watched them, two people, both boys. They couldn't be any older than twenty. They had gone out to the edge of the forest, you tagging along. Mostly because you had nothing better to do. Not anymore.
The sky was dark and no stars shone. The moon was absent, and the night seemed tense. You didn't actually feel scared, though. You just felt pissed off. You could hear the THWAK! THWAK! THWAK! More than see what it was. But you knew exactly what it was anyways. It would make it easier for them. You expected them to bury it. But you were wrong, weren't you? They just used the forest to do the first step. Or maybe it counted as the second step. Who cared? You didn't. You just want
:iconcolette123:Colette123 5 0
She's Crazy
I will never know what it is like
To see the line of reality
And I won't get to know
Who is real and who is not
The moon may be a cold light
Or perhaps an ever watchful eye
Glaring down on me and saying
“Get it right!”
I can hear them whispering
Just behind me said a voice
“She's gone crazy”
But when I turn to see
There is not but a faint memory standing there
I know I'm not crazy
That's what my friends all say
And I know they are right
But at the same time there is a feeling
A feeling of despair and loneliness
I will not fit in correctly
I will not see the fiction of truth
And when I hear them chattering high above
I won't be able to say “stop”
The illusions are the window to my soul
And so much can be learned from just a glance
I will watch them everyday
And silently recover the memories I lost, the time forgotten
But even that won't change the truth
The truth is that I can't be fixed
The truth is that I'm a wreck
And the truth is that I'm a pest
:iconcolette123:Colette123 2 0
Why is it that
The people I love
Vanish so fast
Leaving behind not a trace of who they were?
Why is it that
We must all grow up
And say farewell to our memories?
Why is it that
We all forget happiness
Falling row in row
To the sounds of shouts?
Why is it that
Even now I can hear it?
They crying of newborns
And I must know of the changes they shall face
I think it is that
It is simply the way the human race works
A pity on the face of the Earth
For nothing is as it should be
And I know it is that
These times will never change
We may not dream of better futures
And we will not see dawns light
It is for these reasons I choose to leave
It is for these reasons I scorn others
It is for these reasons that I'll take you all out
And everything will be quiet at last
:iconcolette123:Colette123 4 5
The Cause
A shadow of a personality
Remembered by not any human he has encountered
For none he meets shall ever see past the lies
To see the truth that speaks of misery and death
For how could a single touch
Bear down on ones soul to the grave
He watches as you all pass by
So desperate to know the feeling of you
Despite his fearsome look
Deep within the feline eyes
He pleads out for a human to connect
But that is not to be
For there are no heroes here
Just as there was never a villain to be seen
For it was not the fault of any single person
But a case of cruelty of the world
And although he may feel like cutting away
To break free from the bonds of the world
He knows it shall be in vain
For one such as he is never to escape
Reborn back before the seconds tick by again
And now we can just hope
Oh, dear, do pray
That the mercy of this demon never wear thin
Never wears out or is consumed by anger
For if he were to despise us
Then surely his cause would be ruined
And we would say goodbye to those we
:iconcolette123:Colette123 1 0
Fem!Bill Cipher cosplay (5/5) by Colette123 Fem!Bill Cipher cosplay (5/5) :iconcolette123:Colette123 0 3 Fem!Bill Cipher cosplay (4/5) by Colette123 Fem!Bill Cipher cosplay (4/5) :iconcolette123:Colette123 3 0 Fem!Bill Cipher cosplay (3/5) by Colette123 Fem!Bill Cipher cosplay (3/5) :iconcolette123:Colette123 0 0 Fem!Bill Cipher cosplay (2/5) by Colette123 Fem!Bill Cipher cosplay (2/5) :iconcolette123:Colette123 0 0 Fem!Bill Cipher cosplay (1/5) by Colette123 Fem!Bill Cipher cosplay (1/5) :iconcolette123:Colette123 2 3
Looking for a ship for Tristan
Ay. Pretty bored, not doing much, and I thought "hey, I should develop my OC Tristan some more."
And then I was thinking "I should ship that guy."
So basically I'm looking for a ship for him. For this guy I'm only interested in a female partner (shockingly enough, I do have 1 or 2 straight characters ;P). You can find his ref and description here: (warning: outdated and rushed base work)
And if you care to read his story is here:
I'd love to roleplay with your character and if you could supply me with as much info as possible about her! It would be nice to have the girl be from Canada as well, but it is not necessary. The only requirements is that she's female, around his age, and involved with creepypasta somehow. Also, I'm willing to simply give him some friends/allies/enemies, so if you aren't interested in shipping, have a male, or any other reason, feel fre
:iconcolette123:Colette123 0 16
Thing For School by Colette123 Thing For School :iconcolette123:Colette123 1 0 Creator and Avion by Colette123 Creator and Avion :iconcolette123:Colette123 2 2 Creator Icon by Colette123 Creator Icon :iconcolette123:Colette123 1 0


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I used to accept them but now I want to keep the comments cleaner. Any hidden comments are most likely "thanks for *inset thing here*" comments.
So I draw MLP, cats, wolves, and people mostly. I'm also a writer. I sometimes make adoptables for points. Yea.
If you notice weird coding and stuff crop up over my page that's probably because I'm messing around with something and am failing to get it to work. Take pity on me; I'm a technical disaster.

Point Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke No Requests by SweetDuke No Collaborations by SweetDuke Trades - Closed by SweetDuke

If my point commissions are open you can find all the info on them here:…


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Hi guys! Due to a contract at my current living space, I can't use this account anymore :c But I'm just going to move temporarily to

So, if you would like to, watch me over there! ^3^ I WILL NOT be checking this accounts messages or PMs. I can't. So check me out. Oh, also, there will be NO horror/gore on my new account. Sorry. I'll try to still keep it interesting.



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Hi Colette!

I just wanted to thank you for recommending to me all that time ago. I think my art has really improved since then.
I don't know if you remember that. . . . if you don't it's okay.

Thanks so much!! ^^
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I envy the people who don't understand mental illnesses
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That's not a metaphor, idiot. Look up the meaning of literary terms before you use them, a lot of them have such slight differences it can be tricky to choose the right one.  

You could possibly get away with calling it a simile but even that is a stretch. 
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Cynderthedragon5768 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Did she kill people?
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Less Chara, more Shion.
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Leave this site now.
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